Manager's Desk

1. Noorjahan Children School & Nazma Girls College has established with the intention to impart quality education to students living in remote areas where proper educational facilities were not available.

We know that every child has inherent creativity for the overall development of the personality of children, it is essential creativity for the overall development of the personality of children. It is essential that they acquire not only requisite knowledge and skills they are at school, but also develop certain at home with the family members and parents, which will make them perfect human beings and citizens.

2. The great educationalist Dr. S. Radha Krisha has said

“Education is not limited to imparting of information or training of skills. It has to give the education a proper sense of values. No amount of internal knowledge can make a person educated unless it reaches to the core of his being to awaken from this meaningful purpose, In order to have an integrated and harmonious realization of value in children, the teacher and parents have to play a vital role. The value are best learnt from the inspiring example of teacher rather than their formal class room lecturing.

I am pleased to informed the children and their parents, guardians and teachers have a very important role to play because without their co-operation, further progress will be possible. ”
Hon. Haji Israr Ahmad