Principal's Desk

Dear Readers,

On behalf of Noorjahan Children School family, I extend my warm welcome to you.

“The whole purpose of education is to turn mirror into windows.”

Education in India has evolved itself since time immemorial. Ours is a country which takes pride in being the rich heir of the knowledge process. In ancient India not only knowledge but some thing beyond that was inculcated in pupil. Teachers educated their pupil not only in subjects of academic, societal importance but have enhanced the aura of their pupils spiritually too.

In today's scenario, education encompasses teaching and learning specific skills, the imparting of knowledge, good judgment and wisdom. Education has one of its fundamental goals the imparting of culture from generation to generation. Different people believe in different ideals of life, as a result, they look at education differently. There is, therefore, no universal definition of education. But one thing everyone should have to remember as a vital executive of the universe, they are duty bound to contribute something to justify their superiority. Every human being is a treasure of enormous potential. Through education we are to ignite it.

I have been immensely lucky to have a team of staff members who have shared my vision and thoughts to groom the students at NCS. Each one of them has worked diligently to impart not only formal education but have acted as mentors to the students in molding their personalities. They have helped in bringing together and keeping together students coming from different cultures and backgrounds thereby creating a wonderful harmony.

Whatever we are today is due to the hard work of our NCS team, response from our dear students, best wishes of our parents and well wishers and the patronage of the Management. We commit ourselves yet again to pursue excellence and look forward to support from one and all.

Best Wishes